A pacer’s job is to run an even pace and finish the race in a predetermined time to help others reach a time goal. In 2020 we will have 10K pacers for 40, 50 and 60 minutes and for the half marathon the pacers will run 1:30, 1:40, 1:50 and 2:00. There are currently no plans to have pacers in the full marathon in 2020.

Just find your pacer at the start line and stick with them to the finish to get your time. The pacers will be wearing pacer bibs and will have signs indicating their pace times. They will also be wearing race bibs on their front and back with their pace times. Look out for:

10K Pacers
40 minutes=4 min/km | 50 minutes=5 min/km | 60 minutes=6 min/km

Half Marathon Pacers
1h30=6:52 min/mile | 1h40=7:38 min/mile | 1h50=8:23 min/mile | 2h=9:09 min/mile

Meet the pacers…

40 minutes: TBC
50 minutes: TBC
60 minutes: TBC

1h25: TBC
1h30: TBC
1h40: TBC
1h50: TBC
2h00: TBC

Thank you to our sponsors and partners…


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