The 2019 (black/green) and 2018 (grey/yellow) tops make great training tops and are on sale now!


– 1 to 3 tops are sold for €7.50 each and this includes postage.
– they will be posted individually as this is the cheapest method.
– if you order 4, 5 or 6 tops there is savings on the postage and they will be shipped together.

Mix and match sizes and colours!

Sizes available (unisex):
2019 (black/green): XS, M
2018 (grey/yellow): S, M

The rates above apply within Ireland and Northern Ireland only. If your address is elsewhere or if you would like to order more than 6 tops please get in touch at


Number of tops:
Sizes: black/green (XS or M):
Sizes: grey/yellow (S or M):

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