So you’ve entered already but you’re thinking of switching distance?

10K to Half Marathon
Maybe you entered the 10k but as the day is approaching you’re thinking about giving the half marathon distance a go. No problem, we can switch you to the half marathon. There is a fee of €20 to switch from the 10K to the half marathon and you can make that payment online through our PayPal account. You don’t need a PayPal account yourself, just a debit or credit card. Please contact us at to make the switch.

Half Marathon to 10K
If you entered the half marathon but training hasn’t gone as well as you had hoped or if you just want to try the shorter 10K distance we can offer you a refund of €10 which will be in your race pack at registration. Please contact us at

You must contact us in advance by Tuesday 28th February to switch distance. If you just decide to switch on the day and haven’t informed us your timing chip will not record an official finishing time.

A cartooon by Mr. Robert T. Mankoff, editor of The New Yorker.